Sage Somethymes  is a collection of musings on food, time and place.

A somethymes silly, somethymes sage online notebook.

A storecupboard of perennial flavours to sustain us while we play.

A place to experiment with ideas and words.

A taste plate of possibilities.

Writing by Daniela Giorgi


Daniela is a writer, theatre producer and civic educator. She is the co-founder and producer for indie theatre company subtlenuance (www.subtlenuance.com) and has had poetry, short stories and non-fiction articles published. Her debut play, Talc, was produced in 2010. Her second full length play, Friday, was produced by Sydney Independent Theatre Company, at the Old Fitzroy Theatre in 2013 and her full length play, The Poor Kitchen, was produced in 2016 as part of The Old 505’s Fresh Works Season. It will be staged again in 2019 by Patina Productions at Limelight on Oxford Theatre. In 2016 she co-wrote and produced Shut Up And Drive; or Sex, Liberty and the Automobile with Paul Gilchrist at KXT – Kings Cross Theatre. Her most recent play Seed Bomb was produced as part of the Old 505 Theatre’s Fresh Works Season in 2019.



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