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Yoga Soup

In Sanskrit, the word yoga means the union of the universal soul with the individual spirit. For me it is an essential part of my spiritual practice and balances my physical and mental well being. And so it helps to … Continue reading

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Oranges and Memory

It’s winter and oranges are cheap and sweet.                                                                                                                                                                                        Take out the cutting board and a sharp knife.   Slice off each end of the orange. Cut lines into the skin all the way round.  Peel off each of the sections.  Cut … Continue reading

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George Sand’s Herbarium

I am reading George Sand’s Lettres D’Un Voyageur, a birthday gift.  These twelve letters detail not just her physical travels but also her emotional and spiritual journeys. In one letter she instructs a friend on how to dispose of her … Continue reading

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There is a food revolution underway in Sydney. Or at least there are regular stories in the newspapers of inner city neighbours collaborating to grow vegies on the nature strips in front of their houses. They remind me of my … Continue reading

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Lemon and Honey

Boil the kettle.                                                                                                                                   Place a spoon of honey into a mug.                                                                                                 Cut a lemon in half and squeeze out every drop of juice.                                                              (I recommend this for life too.)                                                                                                           Pour in the boiling water and stir briskly.                                                                                      Let it cool … Continue reading

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