About the play:

Friday was staged at the Old Fitzroy Theatre in Darlinghurst from  6 to 31 August, 2013.

Sex, secrets, scandals – a tale of democracy in the land of the long weekend.

Set in the legislature of a fictitious modern democracy, Friday explores the challenges and necessity of political engagement. The play highlights democracy’s precarious and precious nature. It explores the personal and political, and the paper-thin division between the two. It delves into one of the greatest tensions in modern society: public responsibility versus private desires. An exploration of power and engagement, hopefully funny and a little heartbreaking.

With Adrian Barnes, Tim Cole, Jamie Collette, Sinead Curry, Peter Hayes, Gertraud Ingeborg, Justine Kacir, Emmanuel Nicolaou, Amara Picke, Cherilyn Price, David Ritchie, Sarah Robinson, Gemma Scoble                                                                                                    Directed by Julie Baz
Set and lighting designer David Jeffrey
Composer and sound designer Sarah de Jong
Costume designer Rachel Scane                                                                                                  Produced by Sydney Independent Theatre Company


Some reviews:

Daniela Giorgi perfectly highlights the tragic impotency of politics when ideology is no longer important. When politics is no longer passionate, that is, when democracy lies unthreatened and at peace… Friday is more than just another political satire – it strikes at the very confused heart of a sleeping democracy…” Lisa Thatcher

“Giorgi’s dialogue is witty, fast-paced and full of stinging one-liners.” Alt Media

“… the play’s structure is exuberantly quick and sharp… a gentle sense of humour that keeps the proceedings light and entertaining ….The story is told with crystal clarity in spite of all the frantic action, and it is to the credit of both writer and director, that the audience is always connected to the plot. … a great night at the theatre.” Suzy Go See

 “A cutting satire… witty and insightful production.” The Buzz From Sydney


Photography by Katy Green Loughrey