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The Seagull

Recently, a man twice my age and half my height, stopped to look at my feet. “You have beautiful feet.” That’s what he said. “I don’t usually walk around without shoes,”  I said. “I lost them trying to save a … Continue reading

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The Horses of Excess

As a child I loathed broad beans. They were squat, flatulent vegetable matter. Bowls of these slimy skinned pods filled our fridge every spring. We would spend Saturday afternoons shelling them, and then their particularly earthy odour would colonise the … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning!

There is something enormously satisfying yet terribly sad about this year’s spring cleaning. I’ve just put out my third load of washing; tidied my underwear drawer; dusted the book shelves; wiped down the wooden floor boards with eucalyptus oil and water; … Continue reading

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