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Dante and I and the ride from Hell

I don’t think of myself as an envious person. And I wouldn’t say I was too proud, although I admit that I am sometimes greedy, but recent events have made me not so sure of this.   My local library … Continue reading

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Festive Season Survival Kit

What a year it’s been! It’s time to celebrate! And here, no matter who your family or friends are, is a festive season survival kit to take with you everywhere and indulge in as needed. It’s easy. Just pack the … Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing

“Bowl head! Bowl head!” “Stupid wog! Look at her hair!” I’d thought my 1920s Parisian style bop was quite sophisticated. “Did your mother put a bowl over your head to cut your hair?” one of them snarled, as the rest … Continue reading

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The Art of Grace

What does the word grace conjure in your mind? For some it’s divine assistance, particularly when unmerited. For others it’s a gentle disposition and an elegance of movement. For me it’s the sublime beauty of a sunset at the end of … Continue reading

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The Curse

I am thirteen years old. I have just discovered blood in my underwear. I have heard the horror stories. I have witnessed the distress in the girls’ toilets. I know this is a curse. I know that now I should not touch pickles, wash … Continue reading

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Giving up my car: an experiment

Twelve weeks ago I began an experiment. I gave up my car.  I use the term ‘gave up’ deliberately.  Like giving up sugar or alcohol.  And it’s an experiment, spiritual perhaps, like something you might do for Lent. Or for … Continue reading

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On Jars

A Poem Jars are wondrous things. When you wash them, their rounded beauty gleams. And with a rub of eucalyptus oil, they shed their sticky ways; becoming label less and unafraid.

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A Little Christmas Yarn

A very long time ago, on the longest night of the year, or close to it, somewhere in the Middle East, a woman gave birth to a child in a stable. Little did she know what lay ahead for this … Continue reading

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A Place at the Table

A Place at the Table Continue reading

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Lemon and Honey

Boil the kettle.                                                                                                                                   Place a spoon of honey into a mug.                                                                                                 Cut a lemon in half and squeeze out every drop of juice.                                                              (I recommend this for life too.)                                                                                                           Pour in the boiling water and stir briskly.                                                                                      Let it cool … Continue reading

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