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Imaginary Good

“Why is it, that doing something, is so much harder than thinking about doing something? This fascinating existential question confronted me recently while I was thinking about my mother’s solar panels. She lives in a suburb where roofs outnumber trees … Continue reading

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Christmas Luck

This week I gave some luck. My family and I have stopped giving each other Christmas presents. We all have too many things already. Instead we just do a lot of eating, drinking and general merriment. So I like to … Continue reading

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Crying in the Cathedral

In Australia, left leaning, liberal thinking, chardonnay sipping, bleeding hearts types are living through hopeless times. It seems there is very little we can do except wait for the next election. At least there is a next election. I was … Continue reading

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Giving up my car: an experiment

Twelve weeks ago I began an experiment. I gave up my car.  I use the term ‘gave up’ deliberately.  Like giving up sugar or alcohol.  And it’s an experiment, spiritual perhaps, like something you might do for Lent. Or for … Continue reading

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